b.YOU.ty full Toner


You will find this toner will gently contract the skin’s tissue allowing for a tightening appearance. It is cool and refreshing, soothing and protective of the skin, and may help with inflammation. If used as directed, your skin’s pH levels will balance. This toner also will help any therapeutic ingredients penetrate easily into the skin and begin doing their awesome work. If you use mineral makeup it will help set your makeup!

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Shake well before using. After cleansing your skin, gently spray the skin evenly with toner, closing your eyes. Use cotton pads to gently remove toner (this will also remove any cleanser residue). NOTE: Do NOT scrub toner off. Lightly spray again and allow to absorb into your skin. Follow with be.YOU.ty.full day serum and/or be.YOU.ty.full night balm.

Please Read Ingredients

My products contain essential oils, butters, plant based preservatives, Vitamin E, which have been deemed safe for use. However, any person can have a reaction to these ingredients, so PLEASE read ingredients to determine if any particular product is safe for you.


Rose Hydrosol, Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, Lavender Tea, Witch Hazel, Vodka, Vitamin E, Pure Essential Oil of Lavender.


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