Let’s get “Virtual…Virtual”

You don’t have to leave your house to receive personalized facial spa treatments because I will bring it to you via Zoom! I now offer a unique, one- of- a- kind program that empowers YOU to take control of YOUR beauty, YOUR health, YOUR self-maintenance…as I guide you and teach YOU how to use your hands, effectively use different facial tools, understanding, working with, answering questions, and making each treatment YOURS!  It’s time to “Free Your Skin from Within”.


What you get:

  • the comfort of your own home
  • the comfort of your favorite comfy clothes
  • the security of your own space
  • having on hand your personal choice of beverage
  • individualized treatments when need

Group Rate: $37/Treatment


  • Facial & Hand Reflexology: Mess with internal/external stress. Stimulates collagen to reduce wrinkles; pain relief; reduce sinus pressure; improve mood; gives internal organs/systems needed attention; improves sleep; stimulates circulation.
  • Facial Roller Treatment: Using your facial roller of choice, this will stimulate needed blood flow to face; decrease puffiness; cool & soothe skin; deliver your skin care product deeper.
  • Gua Sha: Very relaxing/grounding for the whole body & mind. We will use your Gua Sha stone of choice to release tension in facial muscles that will in turn release tension internally & stimulate lymphatic system. Beautiful for face sculpting & a glowing complexion.
  • Cosmo Face Lift: This is the Crème De La Crème” of spa facial treatments with amazingly immediate changes to skin texture & lines! Non-surgical, non-intrusive to tone the face; improve appearance of skin; reduce wrinkles; wonderfully relaxing; detoxifies skin; tones muscles.
  • 24K Gold Facial Reflexology: We will be using REAL 24K gold sheets that I will have you purchase on line before we meet. This is a beautiful Ayurvedic & Ancient Skincare treatment that will help firm the face/neck; antioxidant treatment for eliminating toxins & sun damage; softer/supple skin due to skin regeneration & elastin production; reduces skin inflation; activates basil cells of skin to increase elasticity, in turn reducing wrinkles, spots, blemishes, & fine lines.

All treatments are 60 minutes… $59 each
Let’s DO THIS!

It’s Time for You!

“First, let me say FUN! I really enjoyed myself last night. It was worth every penny. Your products are of the highest quality. Your knowledge and explanations for what we were using and why we were using it and how it benefits the body was wonderful. I walked away relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you Kymberly.”

- Barb S

“The Spa night was AMAZING! I knew it would be fun but it was so much more than I imagined. Not only fun but I learned so much. I never felt rushed. The facial reflexology was wonderful. Lots of people say “let’s have a spa night” but this was the real thing. When we were done I felt so relaxed. I felt like butter. I loved that when we were finished I was already home. So I could just chill and not have to drive anywhere to get home. I loved all the products you sent and the face mask felt so good. For me, being able to be home to do this was extra nice because honestly, going to a salon and having a person I don’t know touch me very stressful which undoes all the relaxation I am trying to get. Thank you Kymberly.”

- Melody B