Ready to “spice” up your skincare????

Yesterday, a sweet friend gifted me a bunch of fresh basil right from her garden! Fresh basil brings to mind “food”…sauce/potatoes/dips/etc…but I took some of this fresh basil, added some fresh lavender flowers (from my garden), plain greek yogurt, & honey to make some “food” for my face! Let me share some “spicey” facts about basil to “spice” up your skincare:

💚The most common use of basil is in a face cleanser due to its powerful anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, & anti-ceptic properties.

💚Basil can help prevent acne, soothe/calm skin when acne may be painful/swelling, & excellent at cleansing pores. The astringent benefits of basil will also support the tightening of pores while cleansing.

💚Basil will help protect the skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution, UV rays, &

skin infections. This maintains needed moisture in your skin to support a skily, unblemished texture.

💚Many women have used basil for its anti-aging benefits. Due to basil being full of anti-oxidants, it will help rejuvenate the skin and eliminate free radicals that damage our skin.

💚If you suffer from eczema you may want to try basil because it’s loaded with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.

This is just a brief overview of this beautiful “spice” for skin. How I used it last night was: (1) macerated 7 fresh basil leaves with 4 fresh lavender flowers, added this to 1 T plain greek yogurt & 1 t honey. Applied to my face/neck…left on for 20 minutes, then rinsed off! I must say the “refreshment” it brought to my skin was amazing.

Please feel free to message me with any concerns/questions/or how you used it.

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~ ❣️