I start with the beautiful Native American skin BECAUSE the natural ingredients we now use were used FIRST by this beautiful people…their ancient elders discovered the health & skin benefits of the plants we take for granted. SO, it’s NOT the “WHITE BEAUTY BOX” that gets this honor, BUT our Native American sisters…Let’s learn what they learned first:

?Aloe Vera: They used this to soothe/heal the skin; hydrate & protect (especially in dry desert climates), & also used for soap & treat sunburn.

?Blue Corn: This was like a staple in their life, not just for food but also for religious ceremonies. Blue corn is coarser that yellow or white corn. They would ground this corn & then use it to cleanse & purify the skin. It was rubbed onto the skin before ceremonies to rid the body of impurities. They also found it to be an awesome exfoliator to rid the skin of dead cells & encourage new ones.

?Creeping Juniper: The root of this plant was made into a tea and used as a wash for skin challenges. It is also now used in hair products for shiny hair!

?Fireweed: The inner stem of the root was dried, powdered, and rubbed onto the hand/feet/face during the winter months to protect the skin from the cold.

?Prickly Pear: This is a cactus used for skin hydration. It’s anti-inflammatory, and the leaves of this cactus were used to make a moisturizer to protect the skin from sun. Also they found it to speed up cellular turnover…which is why it improved the skin’s texture and appearance.

?Wild Rose Bush: They would grind the rose hips to give beautiful support to the skin. Rose Hip Seed oil today is in numerous face creams for soothing the skin, helping reverse wrinkles, etc.

?Yucca: This was used for hair growth & prevent baldness! The roots were used for shampoo by crushing them (a young plant) or they would peel the bark of the root & when rubbed in a pan of water made suds to use on hair/scalp!

So, this is just a small list, but HOW interesting to learn from our Native American beauties!

I’d love to hear your thoughts…and please share this info if you’re so inclined.

Happy Tuesday beautiful ones…I’ll be back tomorrow with another “beautiful skin color”…

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️