Asian Skin Care (a.k.a. Korean)

A few of the common challenges for Asian-Korean skin: 1. Due to a warm climate their skin tends to get oily (acne, atopic dermatitis) 2. Sensitive skin 3. Skin discoloration …

If you follow how these beautiful ladies care for their skin, and if you’re like me…it’s impressive AND I actually follow some of their lead in MY daily skin care routine and I must say…it’s PRETTY.DERN.AWESOME. and FUN! So here goes:

?First thing in AM: wash with water…only water to remove impurities that settled on face during night.

?Toner to balance the skin’s pH…and keep skin hydrated.

?Essence!!! This is like a hybrid between a toner and serum. It hydrates and at same time aids in cellular turnover for a youthful appearance!

?Ampoule: this is similar to a serum with higher numbers of active ingredients targeting specific skin challenges. These are used limited for only when extra help is needed.

?Eye Cream: A light eye cream is used across the brow and socket bone…the movement is from inner to outer corner of eye!

?Moisturizer: It’s light and soothing for all day hydration.

?Sunscreen! This is used daily all year round.

A few other interesting facts:

? In the evening a double cleansing of the face happens: 1. using oil to pull out impurities and makeup 2. a water based cleanser to remove all oil residue.

?Twice a week a gentle enzyme (or bead based) exfoliator to remove dead skin cells is used.

?A “sheet” mask is used: this is a cloth saturated with skin loving ingredients to deliver hydration and anti-aging treatment!

?Facial steam!

Isn’t this a lovely, nourishing, interesting way to care for our skin…no wonder our Asian/Korean/Japanese sisters are b.YOU.ty full…

Enjoy this day lovely ones,
Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ❣️