With beaches opening back up I’m getting an assortment of questions about essential oil safety and the sun…so here’s a little “blurb”…

?Phototoxicity is when our skin reacts harmfully with a simultaneous combination of UV light & any phtototoxic chemical affecting the skin (& yes, essential oils are made up of chemicals…that’s why trusted & proven education is necessary to use them with success).

?UV light exposure can come from (a) the sun and (b) tanning beds.

?The end result of this exposure to skin are: burns, similar to a bad sunburn and possible hyperpigmentation.

?In my second book…”Essential Oils 101” the following oils are cautioned NOT to be used if going into the sun/tanning beds due to phototoxicity…I will list the commonly used oils that I’m being asked about:

Lime Oil (cold pressed)
Lemon Oil (cold pressed)
Grapefruit (cold pressed)
Lemon Verbena
Mandarin Leaf

?Other essential oils I caution for in my book that you may have or used that should NOT be used in the sun/tanning beds include:
angelica root oil

?There are other oils that you can research online to find out if they are photoxic.

?Bottom line: If you use these oils in your daily skin care, stay out of sun/tanning bed for 24 hrs AFTER you apply them…OR…save these products for bedtime when you will be out of the sun/tanning bed and reap healthy, non-burning benefits.

?Thus, don’t take them out of your “tool box”…but use them with knowledge and safety.

Have a Happy Thursday…if you have any questions, comments please ask/share…

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly ?