Is “VIBE” a real word? or just a casual bohemian term???

Welllll, it IS a real word…it’s a noun pronounced /vib/ … long i & it means “a distinctive emotional quality…sensed or experienced by someone” … & it can be felt by others on an emotional level…we were created to interact with each other, therefore, we will “feel” another’s emotional “vibe”…? & our “soul” isn’t something that floats around, but it is YOU…the PERSON❤️

Of interest is that having good “vibes” is a sneaky way to positively affect your SKIN ? yes, for real! Having an optimistic outlook is most interesting (& the beauty world is starting to pay attention!) If you’re positive people will ALWAYS be asking you: “how old are you?” … I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’m asked that….my answer is: “I’m ageless”❤️ Think about it, you meet someone with wrinkles, but they’re attitude is upbeat, beautiful, happy & gives off great energy, you will think they’re younger than they probably are…and just because they have some wrinkles does not mean their skin is lagging…it’s the opposite…that’s why it’s so tricky?

When you see obstacles as opportunities (& currently there is a plethora of obstacles), but instead of being derailed by the choose to see the opportunities…It will not only make you happier BUT YOU become so attractive to others…you’re like a positive magnet…& we need positive magnets today. It’s a lifestyle that reaps multiple benefits for both yourself & others.

So, “be such a beautiful soul that people crave YOUR vibes”.

Happiness = Beautiful Skin❤️

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️