The term “facial” no doubt brings to mind…skin! The term “reflexology” may bring to mind a holistic therapy treatment for feet or hands…however, what happens when reflexology is applied to our face??? AWE.SOME.NESS.?

Next time you feel “stressed” … pay attention to where your hands naturally gravitate…your F.A.C.E. Then, pay attention to WHERE your hands want to go…that’s a HUGE message to you for where STRESS is being held in your face…and skin! Our internal organs send daily messages to their BBF organ…the skin…to help get our attention! So, how does Facial Reflexology “mess with stress” and give us the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the price?

Here are just a few things to ponder:

❤️A trained practitioner will “open” the face gently on specific neuro points to ask the brain “permission” to come inside…coolio eh? Then, with trained, sensitive fingers, your whole face is “explored” in search of where the majority of your stress is being held inwardly and on your face! Once that’s found, then soothing pressure will be applied to specific points to bring stimulation “attention” to the specific internal system asking for support! Our face is a map to a trained practitioner, so they will know where the points are, and how to open/release stress both internally/externally through the face. You will “melt” with the gentle upward stroking movements towards the hairline…releasing any stress in the muscles of your face. There may be beautifully relaxing cranial reflexology used…and once the treatment has ended, then a lovely movement of the practitioner’s hands “closes” the face…sending that message to the brain…and then our beautiful brain goes to work sending needed “domino” messages throughout the body to regain internal/external balance. WOW! Do you feel ready for a restorative nap???

❤️Getting back to the SKIN…Holding the points (many are used in acupuncture), gently stimulating the muscles in an upward motion helps to release tension, stimulates needed circulation, encourages the lymphatic system to take the toxins released from the face to the internal “dumping” ground, so that your are left with a Radiant Glow, smoother, firmer, toned, and plumper skin! It’s truly an amazing non-invasive, stress reducing, EXTERNALLY beautifying therapy!

❤️This is really brief, but hopefully gets you thinking about adding Facial Reflexology to your beauty and wellness routine. Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on the “INWARD” way Facial Reflexology will “Mess with Stress”…Part 2 …

❤️Oh, 1 more thing…starting next week…yep, next week, I’m excited to begin Virtual Facial Reflexology Treatments ??…my clients will be in the safety of their own home and I’m in mine, and together I will be empowering them to learn how to “mess with stress” … they are so excited to do this with me and I them…the other good thing is my hands won’t be on their face right now it will be their hands (but I promise their hands will be clean before they begin) oh! and one more really nice thing will be…I’ll hold and tell you more tomorrow…

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️