Happier people will avoid dwelling on their challenges…not that they ignore & life is just “blissful” but, they don’t let their challenges overwhelm having a good day. Choosing to have a happy day may take some “grit” at times but so worth it for your mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual health. So, here are 4 easy ways to support YOURSELF to have a happy day:

#1. Sleep: Try to create a bedtime routine, striving for the same time to begin each evening. Avoid bright lights, turn off electronic devices. Creating & sticking to a bedtime ritual, allowing the body to begin relaxing & having a goal of 8 hours sleep = a more refreshed YOU to be ready for the day.

#2.Take Care of YOUR body: Exercise. Try a couple different types to find the one that fits YOU & your daily routine. Walking, pilates, dancing…etc. This will help with stress, give you more energy, create alertness & maintain a positive attitude. Get those endorphins to work🤗

#3.Show Gratitude: Make a conscious decision to be grateful. Wake up & “count” your blessings. Find joy in the little things. Celebrate small successes. Focus on small steps of self improvement. If this is challenging, then purchase a beautiful journal, keeping it with you. When something brings you joy, write it down, then reflect at end of day to see just how happy your day was!

#4.Be generous: Try to do 1 nice thing every day for someone else. When you share with others you open up to new possibilities. The simple gestures will come back to you with a happy ❤️. Call a friend, say “thank you”, send a genuine message to someone. The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

I hope your day is a happy one and that your feet are dirty, your hair is messy & your eyes are sparkling”. Let me know what you like to do for a happy day…let’s share!

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~~❣️