This week I will be doing a series on the beautiful, varying, COLORS of skin & the individual needs for each skin color for optimum nourishment ❤️ I’ve always been intrigued with skin, I think from my g’ma & mother’s influence on taking the best care of our skin & they were always supportive of EVERY woman they met … it didn’t matter their nationality, they set such a beautiful example for me to show LOVING.HUMAN.KINDNESS…

So, here are some FUN facts about SKIN:

❤️Skin color is primarily determined by genetic inheritance, however exposure to sunlight can alter the color.

❤️There are 6 skin types, fair skin always burns, dark skin sometimes never burns (but it can!), & then everything in between.

❤️Melanin is the pigment determining skin color as well as hair/eye color.

❤️There are 2 types of melanin: eumelanin – giving skin a brown (tan) color, & pheomelanin – giving skin a red (burn) color.

❤️Regular sun exposure (every day) always is associated with tannin. This increased eumelanin levels giving skin a brownish tan, provides protection against the sun’s rays…reducing the risk of burning & skin cancer with future sun exposure (we will be talking more this week about the importance of balanced sun screen use ?)

❤️Irregular sun exposure (like vacations/holidays/weekends) is associated with burning! This type of sun exposure will increase pheomelanin levels & increase the risk of skin cancer (again, we will be talking more this week about the importance of balanced sun screen use?

❤️Even exposure to artificial UV radiations (tanning beds) will have the same effect on skin color & skin cancer risk as exposure the the sun’s UV rays.

Coolio info eh? Tomorrow I will begin breaking down each “color” of skin, the challenges, the nourishment needed to stay b.YOU.ty full! I hope your day is kind, gentle, & an unexpected kindness shows up…either toward you OR YOU extend the kindness which will come “right back atcha”…

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly❣️