This B.YOU.ty full butter is a less known alternative to Shea, Cocoa, & Coconut butters with its own unique set of attributes & alternatives…here goes:

?The butter is a plant based oil derived from the seeds of a fruit-bearing tree call the KOKUM tree…the formal latin name is Garcinia indica…coming from the land of India!

?It is light yellow grayish white…if that helps? & the chemical structure of the fat allows it to remain solid at room temp, thuse why it’s referred to as a butter vs oil.

?It is edible & on occasion used for making chocolates & other confections ❤️ BUT the most popular use is being an ingredient in cosmetic & lotions & balms & salves, OH MY!

?It’s lovely to combine this butter with a variety of other organic, natural ingredients for stability…& personally, making a “synergy” blend is complimentary to the other ingredients….like chocolate chip cookies…the chips are good on their own BUT you add the other “stabilizing” ingredients & you will have a “powerhouse” delight!

?Kokum butter is not heavy and will be absorbed easily into the skin without a greasy feeling once applied.

?If your skin is dry or sensitive, this may prove to be a supportive butter…but I always recommend doing a small skin patch test first. Many people using Kokum butter love using it for controlling their acne.

?Kokum butter has strong moisturizing capabilities & is considered non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). FYI cocoa & coconut butters (oils) are more likely to clog pores, so be selective when using on your face.

?Kokum butter differs from other popular ones (cocoa/shea) because their is no aroma or strong scent. It is not always available & costs more than the popular ones, but worth looking into & using.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this unique butter (oil). I have used it effectively with some clients needing moisturizing support & they LOVE it. Please let me know your thoughts or if you have used it…Have a Happy beauties!

Love, Hugs, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️