We’ve made it to SUMMER !!!! Happy First Day of Summer you beauties! So exciting…at least to me ? Along with the sunshine & heat we can bring out our lovely summer clothes (or maybe some new ones)! There’s also the stronger UV rays & air conditioning…let’s talk about how to manage how our skin WILL change/feel & be proactive so that we can keep our protective, beautifully needed largest organ (skin) happy & safe with us…here goes:

?HEAT: Are you already feeling hot & bothered??? Don’t sweat it…well, yes you will sweat it & lose water from the heat leading to hydration BUT you’re the cutest “smart cookie” so I know you will be sure to hydrate (drink H20) & I know you can add some cucumber, fruit & mint to make the H20 irresistably dlish! You got this! Now, here’s what happens to our skin when we sweat = more oil = speedier skin cell production = dead skin cells mixing with the excess oil/sweat and “hello” acne breakout? No worries, make these little adjustments to your “summer” skin care routine: store some of your skincare in the FRIDGE?? If you (I hope you do) use a lovely tea based toner…keep it in fridge and spritz your face; make a mask, put in fridge 30 minutes before you use, then apply…ahhhhh….Use your SPF EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. even if it’s cloudy (hey, the sun is still up there)…and speaking of sunscreen, remember to apply to hands, neck, lips, ears…YOUR are a total package girlie & your skin is the “wrapping paper”❤️ If you use TLC with our skin, then you will keep your make up “barely there” BECUZ you won’t need that much AND you can use a BB Cream with SPF…how “cool” is that! Do a deep cleansing mask 1X/wk to keep blackheads away.

☀️SUN: Sun damage = damaged moisture barrier = loss of elasticity = dryness = premature aging…not a pretty sight & I KNOW you’re gorgeous…Some of you may be living by the sea…I’m jealously happy for you ? but please remember water is double trouble for the skin becuz the bouncing UV rays hit your skin TWICE…double blow “above the belt”…Keep your SPF with you and reapply regularly.

?AIR CONDITIONING: I know, I know…instant “ahhhhhh” for us…but it’s an “argh” for our skin. Here’s the ticket: moving back/forth from heat to air conditioning will be very confusing for your skin, so keep it well hydrated & moisturized by using a hydrating cream or serum. And do not forget those tatalizing lips?…they are the FIRST to feel the effects, so a great moisturizing balm is the “cat’s meow” ??

So, there’s a little bit of summer “funanigans” (a new word I just made up)…but you know…please enjoy these days ahead, make the needed adjustments to keep yourself safe, happy, well, & beautiful.

Love, Hugs, & Patchouli ~~ kymberly~~❣️