So today is the last in my series from last week: “Nourishing Skin’s b.YOU.ty full colors..” & this has been such a fun, enlightening journey for myself & hopefully you too! We truly NEED each other…the variety is endless & if we allow the inclusion, we will grow individually. So, here we go with Caucasian skin :

?Caucasian skin is more reactive to UV sun rays due to the less natural protection than darker skin types. Thus the NEED for SPF protection NOT just on vacation, laying out in the sun, etc. but each day this protection will prove valuable. NOTE: Don’t neglect getting a daily dose of Vitamin D WITHOUT SPF first thing in the AM … it only takes 10-15 minutes of sunshine on our bodies to get a nice dose of this SKIN vitamin.

?Caucasian skin is also the most prone to visible signs of ageing. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots…the early signs of ageing. It would be good to start at a young age if your have Caucasian skin to introduce “gentle-aging” products & skin care ingredients…and also, to have a daily skin care routine.

?Caucasian skin tends to be more sensitive & prone to redness, blotchiness & tends to be more sensitive to heat. Thus, again the need to get to know your skin, pay attention to it’s messages, use the correct ingredients IT needs for protection & Yumminess.

?The positive vibes of Caucasian skin? Most noticeably are smaller & tighter pores resulting in a smooth/even complexion. With this even tone, cosmetics will sit very well onto the skin to create a flawless complexion. However, again, what ingredients are IN your cosmetics will have a huge bearing on how well it will look.

?Here is a small list of NATURAL “food” for the face: Berries, Greens, Rosehip Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Green Tea, & Billberry Extract….to name a few…there are many more that will help us age ever so “gently” & beautifully.

Enjoy this beautiful day … and please share with me your thoughts on skin care, challenges you may face, products/ingredients that have helped YOU.

Love, Hugs, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️