YOU are one of a kind!!! That means…priceless!! But, the media puts so much stinkin pressure on being “flawless”…it’s an impossible goal even for those promoting it…they want us to HIDE our individual beauty…so, for today, I’m sharing some really coolio “out of the box” thoughts that hopefully will inspire YOU to embrace your beautiful self and enjoy the “gift” of being YOU❤️⁠

❤️Acknowledge what bothers you about your flaws…try to understand the root of why you’re feeling negative (if you are) about them…don’t be afraid to dig deep beneath to see what might need to be addressed emotionally…⁠

❤️Use your flaws for self-improvement! If your flaw is something you want to change & can, do it!⁠

❤️LOVE your individuality! It’s good to be different from everyone else…MOLDS were made to be broken…check out some celebrities that changed their looks and we don’t even recognize who they are…and we MISS what they took away…⁠

❤️Don’t ever let your flaws hold you back…I think of soooo many beautiful women born with what some consider …disfigurement & even born co-joined…and LOOK at them go with their beautiful selves…we come to love so much about them…that can be you too!⁠

❤️Put things into perspective…when you begin to feel negative about your flaws, get a pen(cil) & notepad & write down 3 things you’re grateful for…just be still & listen to yourself & 3 things that make you smile…Do you know how GORGEOUS you’ll be with that smile!?⁠

❤️Flip your flaw: maybe you’re quiet & shy; flip it because what your REALLY are is an amazing listener & observer. Find YOUR strength in your flaw & you will own it!⁠

❤️Don’t ever compare yourself…love YOU for who you are…the good, bad, & ugly. We each have out own idiosyncrasies!!! That, my beautiful reader, makes YOU interesting!⁠

❤️Happy “FLAWSOME” dAY..please share something “flawsome” about YOU that we can celebrate with you!⁠

Love, Hugs, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~?⁠