☕Coffee is the most popular source of antioxidants in the US…it even beat out other antioxidant beverages i.e. tea & wine!? It is BOTH anti-inflammatory & a diuretic (meaning you lose needed moisture in your skin)…but wait, there’s more ⁠

☕The Upside: it will revive & brighten more than your mood…it will do the same for your skin because it has antioxidant & vasco-constrictive properties…such a big word that simply means it will detox your skin while increasing circulation!Puffy eyes? Caffeine can boost circulation at the surface to reduce the puffiness…?⁠

☕Cellulite? Caffeine will help increase blood flow to stimulate circulation of fat cells (which also have toxins in them)…while firming the tissues covering the cellulite deposits…⁠

☕The DOWN side: Being both a stimulant & diuretic our body will lose water every time we drink our beloved coffee…loading of lattes throughout the day may deplete life saving, and skin luminous H20…☕Too much caffeine and the time of day we drink it may mess up our sleep…impacting our bodies ability to reach REM…meaning our skin will not have the necessary time to rejuvenate & promote new cell turnover?When we do not get needed sleep our cortisol levels increase (stress hormone causing acne)…⁠

☕HEALTHY BALANCE? To wholly benefit from caffeine we need BOTH internal & external absorption. So, here’s a BALANCED approach: (1) If you need a bit more caffeine, drink extra water (2) Instead of a double shot latte, try a single shot…just try (3) Using caffeine eye creams at night will maximize the anti-inflammatory properties to wake up free of puffiness⁠

☕Happy Saturday to all you Beautiful Busy Broads❤️ I’m just finishing my coffee as I write this … delicious … now to get me some water…and maybe, since it’s Saturday…another “cup of Joe” … that’s what my coolio dad called it?⁠

Let me know what you think…questions…and check out my Story later for a couple Caffeine skin recipes…⁠

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️⁠