The “SKIN”ny on Dry Brushing

This is a centuries old beauty ritual, & when I say “beauty” I”m talking both internal & external. …Let’s “glow” girls.?

?Dry brushing is pretty much self explanatory, but if you have not heard of it this is what happens: You take a body brush (you will want one with firm, NATURAL bristles) & you gently massage your body in an UPWARD motion…toward the heart. This will brighten your skin & support your moisturizer’s effectiveness. And, just like the name implies: BOTH your body & the brush need to be….DRY?

?Benefits: It will boost your circulation. When dry brushing, you will notice your skin becoming red (inflamed) but not in a bad way…your skin is “talking” to you to let you know more blood is being pushed in those areas…YEAH!!!

?Supports needed lymphatic drainage. All blood carries lymph fluid, filtering lymph nodes. Dry brushing will increase the rate of blood pumping, helping the lymph get through the body, removing toxins & pathogens more quickly. NOTE: Our lymphatic system does not have a “pump” … it relies on US to “pump” it.

?The dead skin will be exfoliated! Dry brushing will rid the body of the day’s dirt/toxins along with dead skin cells. Thus an increase in cell turnover = more radiant, smooth skin.

?Many use dry brushing to aid in plumping the skin, reducing cellulite, & has supported help in lessening sun damage.

?Easy steps: (1) Make sure your body is DRY. (2) Begin at ankle/foot & brush UPWARDS to heart in long strokes & circular motion over joints. DO NOT BRUSH over your breasts!!!(3) Your pressure should be firm but NOT intense….listen to your body. (4) The last very important step is to brush in circular motions UNDER your arm pits & groin area (where you legs attach to torso)….these are areas that house the intricate, busy map of the lymphatic system…super duper important! Then shower/bath.

?This can be done 1-2x/week. If you have very sensitive skin, then adjust the pressure & how many times…may be 1-2x/month until your skin will adjust. Wash your brush with gentle cleanser to rid the dead skin build up.

Let me know if you dry brush & the benefits…or if you have questions, please ask. Happy Dry Brushing lovelies.

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️