Studies are now underway on how Positive thinking (lifestyle changes) affect our internal/external self! Let me share some insight being learned…⁠

?Women who strive for a positive mental attitude are more likely to invest in themselves & look better as a result! It also build higher self-esteem (dignity)…i.e. eating a balanced diet, exercising, meditating, & sticking to a SKIN-CARE routine.⁠

?Stress will increase the hormone cortisol along with epinephrine (aka adrenaline) “out of the park”? Meaning, and increase of inflammation & protein loss leading to low collagen levels, skin -firming drops…wrinkles? The GOOD NEWS is that giving attention to positive lifestyle changes will DECREASE the hormones leading to less stress, happy skin! So, when obstacles come (and they will) take time to decide: will I let this “obstacle” be an opportunity vs being derailed..the choice belongs to you.⁠

?Here are some ways to increase being positive: (1) Scroll through social media smart…Delete the things that don’t bring you joy or make you smile…in other words “Detox your Digital Day”. (2) Sourround youself with positive people who bring out YOUR happy self…and you do the same for them, (3) Set REALlistic goals…if they’re unattainable, dissappointment comes, sadness, stress, wrikles. (4) Once a day say out loud to yourself (Brain/Heart) what is making you happy that day..Speak Up.⁠

?Bottom line: Have you ever met someone with great energy, and you think they have a little age, but you’re not sure because their attitude speaks to a beautiful, younger self???? YOU.BE.HER. Keep them guessing?⁠

Have a Happy Sunday … I’d love to know what is making YOU happy today and that will spread the positive vibes we all need.⁠

Love, Hugs, & Patchouli ~~kymberly