You will just ❤️ today’s post & hopefully your understanding & appreciation for what you read will move you to embrace even more the B.YOU.ty of ALL women…

?Ancient African women did not have access to any modern or sophisticated beauty creams & yet they are known for their smooth, flawless skin & Beautiful Brilliant Smiles!!!

?Due to the sun in Africa being harsh they developed a simple beauty treatment from natural ingredients they had on hand…allowing for their skin staying hydrated, smooth, & supple.

?Rooibos tea: Originated in South Africa (known as African Red Tea). This plant has potent anti-allergen properties, full of antioxidants making this combination a protection from free radicals, toxins & supporting a young/supple look. On a side note: it is also high in Zinc & Vitamin D2 which are VERY important for healthy skin. It was used to treat inflammation, rashes, acne, eczema, & dermatitis. It can be applied directly on the skin OR drink a cup!

?Lavender oil was used extensively in part due to it’s fragrance (kept hubbys happy) and their skin glowing! Lavender proved to be a natural deodorant, tonic, antiseptic with its therapeutic properties. Lavender is a natural astringent to fight off acne, rashes, & inflammation. A Tablespoon of lavender would be mixed with a cup of water and massaged all over their body! ?My note: If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, or have other health issues speak with your health care provider before using lavender.

?Bringing it down to today: If you think that black skin doesn’t burn, you’ve been lied to. It can & does.They may be less likely to get skin cancer, but if they do it’s harder to diagnose. Thus, sunscreen is used daily either in their moisturizer or a separate product.

?Acne, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, dryness, & ingrown hair bumps may present challenges for these women. Thus, many follow a beautiful regimen like this: (1) Gently cleanse with a mild facial cleanser, some love using Micellar Water. (2) Moisturize twice daily to lock in hydration. (3) Exfolliation is limited from 1-3 times/week…depending upon individual needs. (4) When they see dark/spotchy spots, many turn to skin-brightening ingredients like licorice, mulberry, bearberry and kojic acid to help gradually fade the hyperpigmentation and encourage an even, radiant look.

So much to learn from & truly appreciate. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions. Enjoy this day, it’s a “gift of life” & enjoy each other’s uniqueness from your heart.

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️