Did you know…⁠

There is an ancient proverb that states: “Light is sweet, and it is good for the eyes to see the sun.” Ecclesiastes 11:7⁠

Overuse of sunscreen has depleted our bodies of Vitamin D?⁠

?Just 10-15 minutes each day being in the early morning sun (10-noon) is the best time to be outside WITHOUT sunscreen, exposing your skin works best?⁠

?Even on a cloudy day you still get the benefits of Vitamin D…just may take a couple minutes longer?⁠

?ONLY 10-15 minutes … THEN apply your sunscreen…be Balanced…⁠

?Studies show Vitamin D helps with anxiety; depression; immune health; hormone balance; serotonin levels…just to name a few???⁠

?Food to support Vitamin D are kale; spinach; okra; white beans; oatmeal; egg yolks, yogurt; cheese; salmon; tuna; cod ???⁠

?When the sunlight is absorbed by our skin…cholesterol converts to Vitamin D, which the liver/kidneys transport throughout the body to help create new healthy cells (including SKIN cells)…studies are showing that Vitamin D plays an important role in SKIN tone & is helping to treat psoriasis????⁠

?An essential oil to support stress levels and SKIN is LAVENDER…Lavender DOES NOT contain any vitamins…NO ESSENTIAL OIL is a vitamin…but IT WILL support healthy skin & decrease our stress levels…just inhale this beautiful oil and/or you can add 1-2 drops of Lavender oil with 1 T of Jojoba oil (wax) (or your favorite carrier) and massage over your body after a bath/shower…Y.U.M.M.Y.?⁠

? If you want to take Vitamin D orally check with your health care provider, Naturopathic Dr, etc for safe guidance.⁠

?CAUTION: If you are prone to skin cancer, talk with your doctor BEFORE exposing your skin and get suggestions from him/her to best support you!⁠

?If you do some research today on Vitamin D…please share with me what you found interesting….⁠