Babassu Butter is hard (to me similar to coconut oil), odorless & melts slowly on contact with skin. It will not leave a greasy film on top of skin. Here are some interesting facts:

?It is the expeller pressed oils from the kernels (seeds) of the Babassu Palm Tree native to Brazil (& South America).

?It is used in cooking with other parts of the tree used for a variety of medicinal purposes in South America, i.e. skin conditions, wounds, inflammation, & stomach challenges.

?The oil is rich in antioxidants, thus helping to reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals.

?Because it is rich in saturated fats it becomes solid at room temperature. These fats will melt quickly at body temperature making it beautiful to use in skin & hair products. The main fatty acids are lauric & myristic, both being saturated.

?Of interest is that it also contains oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat) that’s found in olive oil with the same health benefits.

?Due to these fatty acids being anti-inflammatory with potential immune-boosting, it is a supportive friend to both skin & hair.

?It melts into a lightweight, non greasy oil that makes it ideal for skin, & to date not appearing to cause acne.

?For hair…it can add volume to dry, flat hair without weighing it down.

?For skin it has been used for reducing redness and soothing itchiness.

I use this butter for some clients with “hot” skin & it is part of the base for their night balm. I love how it feels like “velvet” on the skin…it’s a beautiful addition to my inventory when creating for my beautiful clients.

Please share if you have used this butter or are familiar with it!

May there be a unexpected serendipitous event that makes you smile today…

Hug, Love, & Patchouli ~~kymberly~~❣️