I am Virginia’s premier provider of Sorensensistem TM reflex therapy for the face! I learned this therapy under Lone Sorensen, a beautiful woman and renowned leader in the world of reflexology…

But, first things first:
? Facial Reflexology IS NOT a massage!

?Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem TM is a holistic treatment performed on the face. Lone Sorensen’s system combines 3 ancient therapies with modern science of neurology!

?It is a combination of: Traditional Chinese Medicine, South American Zone Therapy, Vietnamese face maps and points, as well as microanatomy.

?The facial stimulation works on the Central Nervous System, affecting specific organs and systems that help regulate blood, lymph, body functions and hormones.

?It is similar to foor and hand reflexologyby stimulating nerve points that relate to organs. This nerve point stimulation helps bring the body’s Chi (energy) back into alignment and restore balance.

?My clients have described this beautiful therapy treatment as “Yoga for the Face” because it is deeply soothing and relaxing.

?What other benefits come with this therapy treatment? Hmmm, stay tuned ?

Have any questions? Please ask…