I wanted to reach out to you with some personal thoughts and positive vibes as we are all facing the same COVID-19 challenge and may be asked/or required to quarantine or “sit still” for a couple weeks until the threat of this virus passes.

I’m not going to reiterate what has been told to us over/over about washing/sanitizing hands, limiting social contact, toilet paper … YIKES!, preparing, eat well, rest, etc.etc. I want to come to you woman to woman, who is also caring for a family…consisting of an elderly 87 yr old mother in law, with some hopefully refreshing, FUN ideas to think about as these weeks come upon us. This is not to make light of the seriousness of our current situation, but to help with reducing the stress that we’re feeling. So, here goes:

1. Worry only about the things you can control.

We can’t control how many times we need to touch our face, BUT we can control the use of a keeen-x ?We can’t control how many are getting sick, cancellations, etc., BUT we can control how to balance protective measures in our home to best stay healthy.

2. Do what you can to feel safe.

If you want to visit a friend, visit a friend, utilizing safety precautions suggested right now, i.e. greet each other with elbow bump, make a heart with your hands, keep sanitizer and kleen-x on you and use it. (You may also want to keep some hand lotion to bring some nourishment to your hands as they are suffering a bit with all the washing/sanitizing.) Go outside, breathe in some fresh air, enjoy nature…bring softness back to your soul.

3. I can only watch so much news and then I gotta go…ugghhhh!

Watch what is necessary and then turn.it.off. and de-stress. You can always revisit when needed.

4. Be kind!

Thing about other people needing some of the things you may be purchasing. Do you REALLY need to buy ALL the sanitizers, laundry detergent, etc. on the whole shelf? Probably not…share, you’ll feel wonderful…Kindness is a simple way to tell others that are struggling that there is love to be found in this world.

5. Follow guidelines:

Do your part to follow guidelines currently being set to educate us on how to best care for ourselves and family right now.

6. Exercise:

Movement is so stinking awesome. We breathe, we feel, we think so much better.

7. The stock market:

Reminds me of ocean waves…they come, they go, but it’s still there…Remember every day at the beach is High Tide and Low Tide…


Take the time you may be getting soon at home to enjoy your family! Play games, cook meals together, laugh…life is so precious even when things are challenging…

Implement some “self care” projects just for YOU!

Read a book or two that you’ve been wanting to read.

Work on a fun (or not so fun) project that has needed attention.

Check in with friends/family just to show some love.


Drink in the “slowness” of life at this point…a good time to reflect on what is important and what really is not.

Order something really cool from AMAZON!

I hope you have a beautiful evening…and hopefully I have shared just a little “sunshine” in your day. Share with me some of your thoughts and ideas…I’d love to hear them and learn from YOU!

Hugs, Love, & Patchouli,