Did you know:⁠

?There are 3 types of tears: ⁠
Basal-protein rich antibacterial liquid to help keep your eyes moist EVERY TIME you blink!⁠

?Reflex tears: Triggered by smoke, wind, ONIONS (or such irritants?) They get released to flush these irritants out & protect your eye!⁠

?Emotional tears: These are shed in response to a range of emotions…happy, sad, angry, etc. They will contain higher levels of STRESS hormones than the other type of tears.⁠

?Let’s talk Emotional tears & how they benefit us inside out…⁠

?These types of tears are self-soothing to regulate your own emotions, calm us down, reduce our diSTRESS.⁠

?Relieves pain! Because when we allow ourselves to shed EMOTIONAL tears, the brain will release oxytocin & endorphins…these are the chemicals needed to help us feel good & diminish both emotional/physical pain. Our “feel good” chemicals…AND no PRESCRIPTION IS NEEDED because we are “wonderfully made” by a loving Creator.⁠

?It may induce a restful, deep sleep that is probably needed.⁠

?These tears are GOOD for our skin because, if we allow our body to release the buildup of tightly held emotions (that will be wreaking havoc on our internal systems?…thus causing stress…in turn, our skin take the hit?…and the rest is history.⁠

This is just a little fun trivia on tears…but they are a gift to us in every way. We are currently living in VERY EMOTIONAL, stressful times, and my encouragement to you is when your tears start to flow…please let them, they have a job to do to help you “nourish & flourish” … tears are a gift…let them flow when needed.⁠

♦️?A word of caution, if you feel you can’t stop emotionally crying, PLEASE PLEASE reach out for supportive, professional help … these types of uncontrollable tears are also a gift in that our beautiful body is letting us know we need a bit more support & help…⁠

Love, Hugs, & Patchouli ~~⁠